A smart vaping device?

Smart vaping — tracking (bad) habits

IO(S)T — the Internet of smoking things is here. The PuffPacket, developed with the help of researchers at Cornell, connects your vaping device to your smartphone via Bluetooth, at which point vapers can view their vaping activity on an app, and can opt to send it to the cloud where various other parties may use the data for various purposes. TechCrunch

dis-rup-shun: What is the value of your vaping data? To vaping device and cartridge manufacturers, knowing when and how you use their products will help them improve both their products and their advertising. For you, knowing when you most enjoy the experience will help you purchase the right supplies for the right times, or will help you know when you need substitute products if you desire to quit. For regulators, the data will help them understand trends and policies needed to protect minors.

Coronavirus damage report: advertising

This week, a number of advertising-fueled businesses reported earnings. The good news is that a slow March did not hurt the top line drastically. The bad news is that the damage will come in the second quarter. Some executives expect the pullback in advertising to come in waves over the coming quarter, but expect sector performance to vary. CNBC

dis-rup-shun: Two factors are working for the advertising industry’s favor: one is a very strong January and February, which kept the quarter somewhat healthy, and the diversification of Big Tech companies that are not only major advertising engines, but also purveyors of entertainment, logistics and video conferencing — all of which thrived in usage during shelter in place.

Studio quality microphone to enhance video calling and video making

The Rode GO lavalier microphone is the $199 device that is next in the transformation of your home into a top notch conference center or video production studio. During the time of quarantine, many have purchased new monitors, special behind computer lighting and created special backgrounds. Adding a wireless mic brings high quality audio to the home studio/office.TechCrunch

dis-rup-shun: Remember the book Wikinomics? The book, published in 2006,  stated that the new Internet economy was all about decentralizing (formerly) specialized functions, such as journalism and yes, movie making. Pro-grade tools available for a few hundred dollars or less will continue to blur the lines between amateur and professional content and provide massive amounts of long-tail content for the world to enjoy.

Amazon smart oven: IOT gone awry

Wired’s Joe Ray chronicles the frustration of trying to find conveniences provided by a smart oven. Amazon’s offering, leaning heavily on Alexa, the smartphone app, and cross-selling packaged food from Amazon, proves complicated and, ultimately, not helpful. Wired

dis-rup-shun: In defense of Amazon (not that they need defending), much of the problem is that the microwave was intended to make something complicated (cooking) very simple. The truth is, using IOT technology to make something that is already simple more simple results in complications. It is safe to say that very few people actually cook in their microwave — it is for quick heating or thawing — and therefore trying to turn the device into something more is a task in itself. IOT is valuable to consumers when it solves a problem. When IOT goes looking for a problem, it usually fails.