AirPods in the subway create danger

AirPods causing dangerous rescue conditions in NYC subway

Many people in NYC have chosen inopportune moments to adjust AirPods — just as they are stepping on or off the subway. The uptick in lost AirPods create danger or at least a hazard, both for MTA employees who have devised devices to rescue the ear buds off the tracks, as well as a few individuals who have dared their own rescues. Wired

dis-rup-shun: Technology continues to create cultural crises — and high value products like AirPods lead people to take risks. Such crises are the birthplace of innovation, as subway operators may launch new rescue services, for a fee, or insurance companies may offer ear bud insurance, or hardware stores may create an AirPod extractor tool. Innovation follows innovation, and new opportunities are born.

Samsung readies a less expensive foldable phone

Following the troubled release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which will be released in September after a false start, Samsung is said to be releasing a smaller, less expensive foldable phone. CNBC

dis-rup-shun: Who doesn’t think a foldable phone and being one of the first to own one, wouldn’t be cool? The new Samsung is expected to have a 6.8 inch display. Having a wider screen, optimized for videos or for viewing multiple apps at once, will be a big hit if Samsung can get the price down. Expect to have one of these on your holiday list this time next year.

The business of Satellite traffic jams and celestial rights of way

The first of many near mishaps between satellites occurred this weekend. Fortunately, these devices are able to detect oncoming objects and change their orbit. As SpaceX creates a constellation of hundreds of satellites that will provide broadband service across the Earth, the likelihood of collisions is rising. This weekend’s near miss was between SpaceX’s Starlink and a European weather research satellite. TechCrunch

dis-rup-shun: While the technology of space exploration and exploitation are fascinating, the politics and rule setting for governing space will be even more fascinating. Is all of space considered “international water?” Will a company like SpaceX that is taking up more than its fair share of outer space be paying rent to nations? Will we see an international enforcement body that will ensure that everyone plays by the rules? Expect the formation of space law degree programs at leading universities.

What you need to know about Android 10

Android 10 has been released, and like Apple’s latest mobile OS, the innovations are subtle. Aside from being the first release not named after a dessert, Android 10’s notable new features include:

  • The use of gestures to navigate the phone, as back and home buttons are no longer required.
  • Dark mode is supported — meaning the user interface and apps will have a trendy dark look.
  • Accessibility features enable video to be quickly transcribed to text, and people with hearing aids will have a more optimized Bluetooth connection.
  • Privacy features may be more easily selected through enhanced privacy settings.
  • Digital well-being features enable limits for time on certain apps and activities to be metered.


dis-rup-shun: That’s it. No more. While these features are useful and help differentiate a phone from last year’s model, they will not create a groundswell of excitement or cause a line to wrap around phone stores for days before release. As often mentioned, the smartphone market is mature and getting incremental users, including stealing market share from Apple, is increasingly difficult. New service revenues must come from new services, new apps, and innovative software.