Apple reworks radio

Apple retools linear radio

Apple has long been adjusting its radio services, seeking to keep people close to iTunes, then keep them close the brand. The company announced a rebranding of the Beats 1 station, and launch of Apple Music Country and Apple Music Hits. The Music stations will feature a number of high profile musicians and celebrities, hosting music shows. TheVerge

dis-rup-shun: The definition of radio is in disarray, or at least in the context of online radio. When we get in the car and turn on a radio station, or even a satellite radio station, we know what to expect. Online radio, however, is in flux. Podcasts are starting to push their way into streaming music services such as Spotify, which has made big, bold investments into podcast content. Amazon has free services for Prime members, but also paid streaming radio. Apple, determined as of late to boost its services business, is offering a confusing assortment of radio options, both streaming and linear. It is likely that Apple is still suffering from having disenfranchised music fans after saving the music business with iTunes. While iTunes was the greatest thing to happen to music in recent history, iTunes’ clunky digital rights technologies frustrating even loyal Apple fans and sent them running to Spotify and Pandora One. Now Apple is struggling to get them back.

Oracle enters the TikTok bidding

Competition is good for everyone, and especially for TikTok owners and investors who were at risk of forcing to sell to Microsoft, due to Trump executive orders. Oracle has now entered the process, reportedly working with venture capital firms that already have a stake in the social network, potentially assembling an offer that will best Microsoft’s interest and increase investors’ returns. CNBC

dis-rup-shun: Creating an auction for TikTok will provide TikTok stakeholders with the opportunity to get “market returns” on their investments, albeit sooner than planned. The sting of government intervention will likely be reduced as Oracle’s entry into the transaction may encourage another party or two to jump in and bid up the price further, or will convince Microsoft to fish or cut bait.

SpaceX recycles

Another space first this week will be the lift off of yet more Starlink satellites. Starlink, as as reminder, is the chain of thousands of small, low-orbit satellites that will orbit the Earth in a chain. One goal of Starlink is to deliver Internet access to all corners of the globe, where wires have not yet reached. Today’s launch is unique in that it will be sixth time the SpaceX rocket booster has launched a payload into space, proving that a rocket can, in fact, be recovered and reused. CNET

dis-rup-shun: SpaceX continues to set a new bar in space travel, having just completed its first successful launch and return of two astronauts to the International Space Station. Imagine, in a couple of years, proclaiming your frustration with AT&T or Comcast or Verizon and declaring that you are switching your Internet service to Starlink.

Best outdoor security cameras

CNET lines up top outdoor cameras. The category is hot as people embrace DIY home security. The top players are Arlo on the high end and for the doorbell, and Wyze for the best value.

dis-rup-shun: Features that Arlo offers, such as E911, that enables you to reach law enforcement from within Arlo’s app, redefines home security and blurs the lines between pro-monitored systems and DIY. With many police forces being de-funded, the chances of police responding to your pro-monitored alerts are slimmer, meaning direct contact with authorities may be more effective. Think about it — will politics, rather than technology, topple the current home security industry model?