Make your own vinyl records

Phonocut for in home analog recordings

Phonocut is an in-home vinyl lathe that enables anyone to cut their own 10 inch records. An audio cable plugs input in from other devices including your own musical creation and can be controlled with an app. The device costs $1,100. Wired

dis-rup-shun: The nostalgic fascination with vinyl and the many great hours spinning records with friends in understandable, but this is stretching it. Do you really want to create a library of vinyl that will be based, most likely, on input from digital recordings? What’s next, cassette tape players with digital inputs, or even better, a return to 8 Track tape players. Will the new 8 Track version be as good at eating the tape after about 10 plays?

2019 IPOs will face internal price pressure in Q4

The class of 2019 IPOs, including Pinterest, Uber, and Zoom, face a rocky market in Q4 as some investors are convinced of recession, while trade war moves create constant unrest. On top of market volatility, lock up periods for employees and investors will expire, resulting in significant sell-offs by insiders during Q4. CNBC

dis-rup-shun: Expect a rising number of tech IPOs to be direct offerings, cutting out expensive banking firms. Market volatility, working against the critical need for an oversupply of venture capitalists to earn a return on a shrinking pool new companies, will require some cost cutting moves. In the age of everything-as-a-service and the rental economy, tech investors, of all people, will be more anxious to prove the benefits of DIY IPOs. Investment banking is in for a rough ride as the pool of new companies shrinks and the economic landscape shows many warning signs.

EyeQue Vision Check smartphone eye exam

Several companies are working on cutting out the ophthalmologist by creating DIY eye exams. 800 Contacts offers an online eye exam, and EyeQue Vision has won awards for its smartphone attachment that determines your prescription. Gizmodo’s reporter, however, warns people with significant vision problems to see a professional.

dis-rup-shun: The medical industry is in dire need of technology disruption, and many of these disruptions are very welcome changes. Technology will, fortunately, more efficiently allocate health care resources to specialty cases, requiring advanced expertise, while middle of the road cases will be processed by lower skilled workers, aided by artificial intelligence or by devices such as EyeQue. Doctors need to begin tailoring their practices to specialized, fringe cases, where they will be paid more for their deep expertise as the average medical procedure is already providing little financial reward for medical professionals.

Apple Watch versus Fitbit Versa 2

Apple Watch Series 5 is an amazing device. Fitbit’s Versa 2 holds its own at half the price and longer battery life. Apple Watch functionality is expanded though use of the iPhone, but can provide a host of connected services without the phone. Versa 2 works with Android or iOS, includes Alexa support, and is well designed for workouts. Both watches have always on displays, and a wide variety of style choices. CNET

dis-rup-shun: How to survive in a market when your primary competitor is Apple? Specialize and differentiate. If Fitbit tries to be a nearly-as-good Apple watch at half the price, it will struggle. The company should dig deep and create a rich content library of workout classes that make the experience very unique — forming a cult like following of loyalists. Fitbit should take some lessons from Peloton, and create content that is more valued than the hardware.