Want to Zoom with your favorite celebrity?

Cameo service enables Zoom calls with celebrities

If you would pay anything to chat with Brett Favre or skateboarder Tony Hawk, you have an opportunity to book a call through the Cameo celebrity site. For fees ranging from $1000 to $15,000 for up to 10 minutes, you can gawk in person (virtually) or have a celebrity drop in to a loved one’s birthday celebration. Cameo is reporting a significant uptick on participation by both paying customers and interested celebrities. TheVerge

dis-rup-shun: The Internet enables the economic theory of supply and demand, first set to print by Alfred Marshall in 1776. If Marshall could see us today, paying celebrities to further monetize their “down” time, and bidding up the prices for access, he would be proud of his theories. People or Vanity Fair will do well to develop a pricing tracker of celebrity chat time and publish rankings of whose time is worth the most.

AT&T considers selling Warner gaming assets

What do you do when you are $200 billion in debt? You sell whatever is not absolutely essential to your business, and AT&T, having acquired Warner Brothers for content to fuel its various video distribution platforms, is rumored to be selling Warner Games which includes assets such as “Harry Potter,” “Game of Thrones,” “Mortal Kombat.” The sale could raise $4 billion. CNBC

dis-rup-shun: The old leaders of video distribution are in a life or death battle for a place in the new world of video distribution, and AT&T can certainly be credited with going big. While the world still questions the company’s purchase of DirecTV for $49 billion, AT&T’s grab of Time Warner for content makes perfect sense.

WiFi 6E is coming soon

On the heels of WiFi 6 that debuted in 2019 comes WiFi 6E. The new standard is the result of the FCC releasing additional spectrum. The 6 Gigahertz spectrum enables the transmission of very large amounts of data at very close distances, but requires new routers and new chipsets for client devices. In other words, until you buy a new phone, computer or tablet with the new chipsets, you won’t enjoy the new benefits. CNET

dis-rup-shun: WiFi seems to be the invisible commodity that no one can get enough of, despite paying handsomely for it on a monthly basis. Perhaps it is time for service providers to offer an 18 month technology (router and speed setting) refresh as a part of ongoing subscriptions, keeping customers on the latest and fastest technologies, rather than risking customer ire. 

How to clean up your act online

If you have awakened and decided that you are not the person you used to be, you will be pleased to learn that social network giants Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have provided utilities to make it easier to delete old posts and photos.  Wired

dis-rup-shun: Social network operators are getting thrashed just as often as their members for allowing or not allowing a certain post, and as a result, are helping their members clean up their old posts and living less incendiary online lives. While “The Facebook” was started in a Harvard dorm as a way to have some online fun, a lot of people are not having much fun answering to Facebook posts.