Best Buy and Zoom shatter expectations

Best Buy Q2 shatters expectations

Best Buy’s Q2 sales were up 5.8% and online sales increased by 242%. Best Buy’s CEO attributes success to products that help people “work, learn, connect and cook at home.” CEPro

dis-rup-shun:  While the numbers are impressive, if one calculates money saved from purchasing no plane tickets, buying little gas, not eating out, and generally staying at home, one can buy a lot of tablets, computers, TVs and new appliances. The question is, then, how do we help service workers shift into the tech industry and help redistribute the diversion of money to tech-based tools and entertainment.

Zoom Q2 shatters expectations

Speaking of amazing quarters, Zoom continued its rise to the industry standard for web conferencing (both for social and business engagements). Quarter over quarter annualized growth was 355%. Stock price is up 369% since the beginning of the year. CNBC

dis-rup-shun:  A lot of money has been made in the stock market this year — especially on tech companies, and what a rebound from Q1. The fact of the matter is, so much of the global economy is thriving, just as the face-to-face service industries have been devastated, that it feels that the current recession is a re-alignment of the economy rather than a pull back.

Lenovo redefines the PC with the leather laptop

Lenovo’s new Yoga 9i answers the question about what’s next in laptops, given “crowding out” by tablets and foldable devices. The new device provides premium features such as a giant touchpad that stretches from edge to edge, provides haptic feedback, a finger sensor that works even when fingers are wet, and black leather bonded to the aluminum case. CNET

dis-rup-shun:  The laptop market needs some spice as tablets from Microsoft (Surface), Apple and the Surface Duo foldable more-than-phone-less-than-tablet device are providing so much power and functionality, causing people to question their need for a laptop. With premium or luxury laptops, people will, once again, crave the space and luxury of a full laptop. Expect Dell and HP to follow with luxury versions of laptops.

Next Starlink Constellation scheduled for Thursday

On Thursday, SpaceX will launch its 10th batch of 60 satellites that will join the 600 satellite train, orbiting the Earth to provide Internet services and communications to even the most remote corners of the globe. CNET

dis-rup-shun:  What sounded like an outlandish scheme from Musk has, once again, become a reality. SpaceX’s Starlink has been shunned by the U.S. Department of Defense, to which SpaceX was trying to sell communications services to troops located in remote places. In Musk style, however, Starlink services will be embraced by a number of opportunistic global entities and “the establishment” will follow, putting SpaceX in a strong position to become a global powerhouse in broadband services. Starlink likely has some members of the CCP on edge, as well.