Race virtually against pro car drivers

Pro race drivers competing against gamers

With the cancellation of Formula One, NASCAR and Indy Car races, professional drivers are competing against themselves and against gamers in online SIM races. Esports events are featuring virtual races with familiar professional drivers. TheVerge

dis-rup-shun: Online gaming technology levels the playing field — driving skills and all athletic skills, for that matter, do not necessarily translate to dominance in video games — making the mixture of professionals and amateurs even more interesting. The NBA and MLB will benefit greatly by keeping fans engaged through Esports events, keeping the most enthusiastic well engaged. A number of pro sports owners also own Esports teams and facilities, and the current crisis will encourage further diversification into video franchises.

Car dropped from tower onto trampoline

Why? Because it was a challenge. A former NASA and Apple engineer and a band of video bloggers do what no one has done before — drop a car 121 feet onto a specially designed, industrial strength trampoline. This 15 minutes and 45 second video is well worth all the time you will waste watching it — not only because we are all fascinated by the immutable laws of physics acting on objects under severe distress, but because the reactions of the brilliant and well-funded pranksters strikes a cord of joy and adrenaline that takes us back. Wired

dis-rup-shun: In these times of utterly unbelievable and distressing news, this fifteen minutes will transport you back to the time when sheer amazement and joy can be found by doing totally crazy stuff. Watch it!

FluSense system detects public illness

Researchers at UMass Ahmerst are developing a system that measures the number of coughs detecting in public places. It uses thermal sensors to estimate the number of people in the room, then computes something along the lines of coughs per capita and frequency of coughs to measure relative changes of health in public areas. TechCrunch

dis-rup-shun: Collecting health data from those who have not yet identified themselves as sick, by going to a doctor or hospital, could lead to insights about the onset of flu before healthcare resources are aware, or needed. As the system does not identify individuals, it does not compromise privacy, but could lead to better predictors of public health.

Bidet attachments ease the need to horde toilet paper

Europeans aren’t queuing up at the market for a run on toilet paper because in many European homes, the bidet has long been a permanent fixture. Bidet attachments can retrofit nearly any toilet for $20, $80 and up, providing a cleansing that nearly eliminates the need for paper. Running a supply line to a hot water source, however can be a bit complicated. CNET

dis-rup-shun: While the coronavirus may leave a permanent mark on traditional ways we educate our college students and how we use expensive office real estate, it is not likely to permanently change the way Americans go to the bathroom. Bidets, for reasons unknown, have not been popular in the U.S., but now there are even better reasons to try an inexpensive attachment which could lead to graduation to a Kohler bidet model that includes a light, a heater, and Bluetooth connectivity.