Teleportation, time travel and the list of things to come

CNET’s list of technology visions that haven’t happened

We are awash with utterly amazing technology that we use every day. But what about the ones promised that have yet to occur? CNET’s list includes: hoverboards, Microsoft’s original Surface (a computer that was a table), flying cars, housekeeper robots, food pills, time travel and teleportation are a few of the favorites.

dis-rup-shun: There are generally three reasons that these technologies are not mainstream, and the least of them is technology. Bigger hurdles are competition in a time when the tech giants are so big that reaching scale for, especially, hardware devices is extraordinarily difficult. The lack of good use cases is another hurdle that has caused many advanced products to simply not find their place in our culture. As technology advances allow, many more impractical solutions without a problem will be trotted out in hopes of commercial success and a few will stick.

Ring updates its home security system

The second generation of Ring’s security system is a lot like the first, according to¬†CNET, and according to the same review, it is the best of the inexpensive, DIY security systems on the market. Professional monitoring is $10, and the system can be had for less than $200.

dis-rup-shun: As Amazon owns Ring, we now have a convergence of hit products in an integrated smart home system: Ring’s well-known doorbell plus Amazon’s Alexa come together. Look out SimpliSafe, that’s a lot of brand power to outsell. The vulnerability of Ring’s products has been the unreliability of WiFi in certain parts of many homes, and potentially the WiFi booster in the kit removes that barrier.

SpaceX’s next launch: more satellites

On the heels of the successful Dragon launch of astronauts to the International Space Station on Saturday, SpaceX will launch its next batch of the eventual 12,000 it plans as its Starlink low orbit Internet provider. This batch of 480 satellites includes one with a visor to block the rays of the sun at certain times in orbit in order to prevent reflecting light back to earth, as the shiny train of satellites has forever altered the earthly view of the heavens. CNBC

dis-rup-shun: Scenic views, be they vistas of historic and important capitol buildings, or beautiful vantage points of nature, have almost always succumbed to commercial development, and Starlink is one more example. This obstacle, however, is hard to alter once it is airborne as a chain of 12,000 spacecraft, so let’s hope this blackout works so our grandchildren won’t ask what the night sky was really like when filled only with real stars.

A guide to buying a gaming PC

What’s a gaming PC? It is a super-powerful PC (not Mac) with the latest add-on GPU (graphics processor) that will likely cost well over $3000 and can, of course, make a great office PC. It has a number of important gaming peripherals and is often assembled from components, but increasingly can be purchased off the shelf and ready to compete. Wired

dis-rup-shun: With time spent on gaming up at least 10% during quarantine, serious gamers have reason to take another look at their home horsepower. The world has likely changed and some changes, like socializing with your gamer community from inside your home, are unlikely to change post-quarantine. Expect the sales of gaming peripherals, licenses, and accessories to remain robust through this calendar year.