Samsung’s The Wall is 146 inch TV

Samsung’s “The Wall” 146 inch TV now installed

Southern California video company Just One Touch/Video & Audio completed the first U.S. in-home installation of Samsung’s giant wall panel MicroLED TV. The price of the installation was not disclosed, but several more are scheduled for a movie star, hotel and a mega yacht. CEPro

dis-rup-shun: This giant wall TV will be a big hit in 2020 as news will travel fast that it is possible to own the largest TV made. Other manufacturers will follow quickly and high-end homes will feature media rooms that, instead of having a big built-in TV, will have a complete wall covered, top to bottom, side to side, by TV.

Some doctors getting licensed in all states to prepare for telemedicine

Insurance companies have begun to cover remote medical care, or telemedicine, which means that you can have a video chat with a doctor who may live in a state across the country from where you live. The telehealth business will be worth $130 billion by 2025. In order to offer a comprehensive telemedicine business, doctors must be licensed in all states that may call the doctor. CNBC

dis-rup-shun: Telemedicine will be the norm, not the exception, for doctor visits within several year’s time. Use of doctors’ services will actually increase when you don’t have to wait for the office to open, try to find a convenient appointment time, drive across town, sit in the waiting room and eventually see the doctor. Doctors who are getting licensed in all 50 states are likely on their way to developing mega-practices, and it is likely that the future of medical practices will be a small number of giant doctor corporations (think of national and regional banks) and plenty of small specialists whose trade will continue to require local, in-person visits. The changes will be rough on doctors, but will help them find business models that continue to reward them well for their expertise.

Nature-as-a-service may have positive effects on workers

Monthly plant subscription businesses such as Horti that deliver a plant a month, can have positive impacts on moods and productivity. Some studies indicate an increase in worker output when surrounded by natural elements. Wired

dis-rup-shun: The subscription/rental economy, with cars, rooms, homes and pools available for om demand, makes having a little nature in life easy and affordable. Millennials who seem averse to ownership, can have a new plant each month and not worry about the permanence of trying to raise one or two houseplants for years to come. Kill it and no sweat, another plant is sent to you next month and you can start over.

Nomad Base Station Pro offers charging surface

The Nomad Pro is the surface charger that Apple delivered then discontinued. The device charges up to three devices at once, all at a charging speed of 5W — not the fastest speed, but adequate. The Nomad station, however, does not support charging for the Apple Watch. TechCrunch

dis-rup-shun: Surface charging has been slow to catch on, but offers a great alternative to cord hunting. Charging surfaces built into car consoles are a great accessory, and desks at work should have a built in charging surface, preferably that looks the same as the desktop itself. Expect smart counter tops and work surfaces at home and in the office to be chargers, as more and more of our personal communications devices will require charging at all different times of day.