Europeans to clean up space garbage

Europeans send giant claw to clean outer space

It is estimated that over 3,000 dead satellites are orbiting Earth along with 900,000 pieces of space debris. The European Space Agency is building a large claw that will be sent to space to reach out and extract space junk. The device will launch in 2025 and will be for hire — being commissioned by those that need to clear a path in space. CNET

dis-rup-shun: All of these space junk items are potentially deadly to useful satellites and space craft, meaning that avoiding the debris or cleaning it up is critical to the burgeoning space travel industry. Good for the Europeans for again taking the lead on an important technology priority!

Amazon Eero a good fix for crummy Wi-Fi

As the world is acutely aware of the quality of home Wi-Fi, as it is the lifeline to entertainment, communications, school and work, we find that we are often paying for speeds that we rarely receive. Amazon’s Eero Pro 6 mesh router system is an expensive ($599) but likely quick fix to Wi-Fi pains. CNBC

dis-rup-shun: Many households have been the sheltering place for previously launched family members, having returned for home cooking and rent-free living — hopefully with remote jobs intact. These squatters tend to complain profusely when Wi-Fi access is less than stellar and a mesh router may be worth it to quell the insults.

Good things to know if you are thinking about a new TV

For those considering a new TV for the holiday season, and not sure what to consider when faced with a myriad of options and price points, CNBC’s TV buying cheat sheet is very useful. First, decide if you are looking for a solid upgrade to a new TV, or one that will be state of the art at least for a few years. OLED vs. LCD, UHD vs. 4K and Roku vs. Samsung are a few decisions to consider first.

dis-rup-shun: The advantage and disadvantage of great new TV features is that whatever you buy, it will be obsolete in three to six years, depending on how much leading edge technology you wish to reach for. A tougher decision is if you should buy a TV that has Roku or FireTV software already built-in or not. In four years, the TV experience will likely be very different, so buying a good but less expensive TV that you can upgrade in four years is a good plan.