You generate 1.7MB of data every second

Each person, by 2020, will create 1.7MB per data per second

Given that each person’s location is constantly tracked by their smartphone, simply standing still creates data. Driving, however, generates an enormous amount of data that can be mined not only by car makers, but by many parties who can benefit from our patterns, our routes, our entertainment choices and our shopping habits. The auto makers are in an ideal position to benefit from data management, but will likely lose this advantage to FAANG tech giants. TechCrunch

dis-rup-shun: Technology companies, especially Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber and Lyft, understand that the car is an extension of the mobile phone — simply a service platform that offers not only driving services, but entertainment and communications as-a-service. The automakers will struggle to abandon the legacy model of “selling” 1.97 shiny new autos to each new house for an average ownership period of 6 years, and will find their core business eroded by tech giants and their subsidiaries.

Google providing on call and in-home support team

Google wants to be your device provider and has a team on standby to prove it. If you need consultation on what, where or how to install a home product, a Google support person is on the ready on the phone, or ready to come to your home. Android Police

dis-rup-shun: The good people at Google are playing catch up to Amazon, who not only has the best selling in-home smart speakers and doorbell cameras (Ring), but has had in home support and sales staff, Amazon Home Services, since 2015. Free home service consulting offerings are not profitable, and therefore the people already coming to your homes — the home electronics dealers and installers — are reticent to get into this business while retailers struggle to sell many smart home products that require a lot of explanation and often, installation. In home consultants are filling a gap that will eventually be closed when products are simpler, easier to install, and more familiar to consumers.

Watch a robot pull a plane

The Italian made HyQReal robot is capable of pulling very heavy loads horizontally at low speeds. It is impressive. TechCrunch

dis-rup-shun: If robots will replace jobs performed by humans, then people who pull heavy loads at low speeds should be worried. That would be operators of tractors, bulldozers, forklifts and heavy equipment. But since autonomous trucks and cars are coming, then we should place all drivers on the endangered species watch list.

Facebook continues to clean-up its act

In the first quarter of this year, Facebook reports that it eliminated 4 million examples of hate speech from its site. The company has formed a group of moderators to scrub the population of posts for those items it defines as unsavory. Gizmodo

dis-rup-shun: When a company has more customers and more revenues than many countries on the planet, it has to emulate successful countries and implement its own police force to keep the population in compliance with the nation’s rules. Since politicians have begun to invoke antitrust laws and suggest that the Facebook nation has become too large and must be broken up, expect Facebook’s self-governance to grow quickly and publicly.