CES Insights, Day 3

Award winners

The team at Engadget has divided and conquered to create product categories and respective winners — products that stood out against their backdrop of dozens of years of tech review experience. Here are a few favorites:

Best Connected Home Product: Weber Smart Grilling Hub. Forget about buying a smart grill. Just upgrade your own. This small grill side pack feeds a few wires into the grilling chamber, some for air temperature and some attached to meat probes. Using Wi-Fi, the smart phone app enables you to keep tabs on your cooking progress from the couch. Engadget

Best Wearable: Withings ScanWatch. Withings’ watch may be considered the anti-Apple watch. While it monitors heart rate and activity and connects to an app, it runs for 30 days on a single charge and has the appearance of a classic, expensive analog watch. Engadget

Best Phone or Mobile DeviceSamsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite. The Note’s success is attributable to its stylus and handwriting recognition capabilities on top of a smartphone, and now you can buy all of this for less. This will be the year of more affordable but equally amazing smartphones. Engadget

Best Gaming Product: Razer Kishi. This attachment, or cradle, for the iPhone or Android brings precision to the smartphone gaming experience into with exacting controls. Raser has found a niche within a (large) niche. Engadget

Most Unexpected Product: Sony Vision-S concept car. Sony showed a really beautiful car at this year’s CES. Is Sony making a car? No, this is a concept designed to demonstrate that Sony has car systems covered, from cameras, to speakers, to amplifiers, controllers, entertainment content and much more. This is a reminder that the car has become more of a rolling consumer electronics experience and less of a combustion engine hot rod of yesterday, and Sony is fully committed to the future car. Engadget

Best of the Best: Hydraloop Water Purifier. The Hydraloop is a about the size of an office water cooler, but is for the opposite purpose. This device intakes wastewater and uses a number of filtration methods to reuse the water for toilets, plants, pools, and washing machines. It has been said that water will soon be worth more than oil, and Hydraloop is ready for a complete shift in our thinking towards household water use. Engadget

dis-rup-shun: Many more category winners can be found at Engadget. It is terrific to see great products not just for fun and games (best TVs ever, amazing game content and controllers), but for environmental well-being (electric cars, water purifiers), good health (monitors, exercise and activity coaching), sexual health and wellness (a new category this year), and autonomous vehicles (Aptiv’s Lyft cars running around Las Vegas), and many more.