Samsung’s Fold will lead to total video overload

Samsung’s folding phone is aptly named The Fold

Samsung announced availability of Fold, its folding phone, which will retail for $1,980. The two long rectangular halves are thick, then unhinge to create a 7.3″ tablet-like device. The device includes six cameras, so photos can be snapped in open or closed position. Wired

dis-rup-shun: It is time for a new form factor, given that we left the flip phone for the candy bar form over a decade ago. The Fold will be ideal for air travelers in today’s tighter coach cabins, or may be optimal for students to write notes in class with a stylus. The Fold and its competitors will be the leading edge of a plethora of screens that will wrap around walls, furniture, poles, bus and subway interiors and turn most any surface into digital signage. Prepare to be overwhelmed with video advertisements in every public place.

Elon Musk 2, Mother Nature 1

Last Saturday, SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket successfully launched a satellite for Arabsat and returned to earth, with all three rocket sections landing — two on earth and one on a floating drone-pad. The floating pad, while being towed back to land, encountered heavy seas and toppled, dropping the Falcon’s core module into the sea. TheVerge

dis-rup-shun: Landing all three sections of the Falcon Heavy rocket last Saturday was a magnificent feat of technology — especially landing on a floating drone-pad. Launching and landing a spacecraft has always been very dependent on weather, and SpaceX is reminded why so many NASA launches and landings were weather delayed. Are the same rocket scientists that figured out how to land on a floating pad the same ones that forgot to check the weather report? Bummer.

Google Home Hub to be renamed Google Nest Hub

According to leaks, Google will be rebranding the 7 inch countertop display as the Google Nest Hub, presumably to control other Nest devices, including doorbells, thermostats and Nestcams. DigitalTrends

dis-rup-shun: Google purchased Nest in 2014 for $3.2 billion in cash in what was one of the fuzziest math acquisitions of all time. Even with the most optimistic forecasts, valuing Nest anywhere north of a few hundred million is difficult, and since the acquisition, Google has gutted the Nest team, then decided to obfuscate the Nest brand name behind the Google brand, and now looks to the Nest name to kick start the hub. The move suggests that both the Nest brand and the Google Hub need a boost.

Indoor air quality to be a smart home benefit

Seattle Times lists indoor air quality as a future benefit of smart homes. Aura Air is a smart device that monitors air contents and begins the appropriate filtration process based on the allergens detected. Its voice warning system informs you of dangerous situations such as high levels of carbon monoxide. Seattle Times

dis-rup-shun: Smart appliances are entering the market swiftly, but what will consumers value? Health and wellness are high on consumers’ heirarchy of needs and enough people have allergies and asthma that smart air purifiers will capture a larger share of the market than smart refrigerators and microwaves.


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