Amazon’s size becoming a burden

Amazon’s size is becoming a burden to manage

The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon’s sheer size and penetration into ever more markets is becoming difficult to manage. The article references controversy surrounding facial recognition software, confidentiality of speach to its children’s version of Echo, treatment of employees, prices at Whole Foods and user privacy of Ring doorbell cameras. Wall Street Journal

dis-rup-shun: Amazon has become so large that controversy, like that aimed at Facebook and Walmart, of recent years, is inevitable. What the article does not mention is the growing conflict between companies that compete directly with the giant company in retail channels and delivery.  Many retailers, large and small, are conflicted with using Amazon’s cloud services or online marketplace as the company controls is margins, shipping costs, and return policies – yet find the company’s marketplace critical to maintaining volume in Internet sales.

Next iPhone rumored to feature 3rd camera for wide angle

According to rumors from a usually accurate iPhone source, the next iPhones will feature a wide angle lens (third lens) that will help restore portions of photos that are inadvertantly cut off, and will improve zoom features. Gizmodo

dis-rup-shun: It appears that Apple is digging deep to find new, exciting, differentiating features for the next iPhone. Both Samsung and Huawei have taken the lead with some impressive camera enhancements which have leapfrogged iPhone’s photo capabilities. The smartphone market is mature and Apple will be hard-pressed to hold onto its share of premium buyers.

Russian propaganda machine warns of the evils of 5G

In a disinoformation campaign in the race to dominate 5G deployment, Russian network RT Television suggests that 5G technology causes “brain cancer, infertility, autism, heart tumors and Alzheimer’s disease.” In the meantime, in Russia, Putin is pushing network operators to get 5G deployed faster. New York Times

dis-rup-shun: To further underscore the political impact of 5G, the Russians are again hoping to sway American opinion through fake news. Russia lacks technology companies capable of playing in the 5G network arms race, but recognizes the economic value of winning those races, so finds sport in stoking the race between China and the U.S.

Drone sighting shuts down Germany’s busiest airport

A drone sighting at Frankfurt’s international airport at 7:27 am last Thursday shut down the airport for about an hour until officials determined that any risk to air traffic was averted. TechCrunch

dis-rup-shun: Quick, do the math. If roughly 10,650 passengers take off at Frankfurt each hour, what is the cost of one hour of delay for this number of people — then add ground personnel, gate agents, etc. The value of one person’s truth or dare drone joy ride is easily in the millions. The point is, the value of technology checks and balances to enforce no fly zones is high. These limitations will be better than denying ordinary citizens the pleasure of owning and flying their own craft.


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