AI in your vacuum cleaner

Smart appliances use AI: LG develops AI chip for appliances

LG has developed an AI chip to make appliances smart enough to recognize faces, sounds, other objects. ZDNet

dis-rup-shun: LG has succeeded at creating some impressive premium consumer electronic products. Its AI appliance chipset is a departure from industry trends of counting on 5G and the cloud to make products smarter remotely. By packing the smarts into smart products, LG will not have to pay cloud vendors, which will help offset the higher costs of more advanced chipsets.

China’s lunar mission determines composition of the moon

China’s Chang’e 4 lunar lander and rover, which touched down on the moon on January 3rd and the Yutu 2 rover has been traveling on the surface, taking samples and delivering data to Earch ever since. The mission has provided insight into the composition of the core of the moon. Gizmodo

dis-rup-shun: The Chang’e 4 mission is a great showcase of Chinese technical prowess. Between China’s conquest of the moon, Russia’s dominant participation in the International Space Station, and Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos’ private launches of satellites, a conflict for space domination is brewing. Does space regulation fall under the authority of NATO?

Trump makes buying Chinese telecom equipment illegal

Wednesday the President passed an executive order banning U.S. companies from purchasing telecommunications gear from “foreign adversaries.” The ban is targeted at Huawei and fellow Chinese vendor ZTE. Huawei is an early leader in the sales of 5G network equipment, on pace to lead the global upgrade to 5G. ZDNet

dis-rup-shun: While the executive order makes purchasing from Huawei illegal in the U.S., it will not ban other countries from choosing the most economical tools to run the 5G technology race. Huawei may be hobbled, but will use all powers and customary discount pricing to win as many global contracts as possible, struggling to overturn accusations that the company is a spy agent through which the Chinese government could take over communications in the event of conflicts.

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