IOT devices will generate 79 trillion gigabytes of data in 2025

IOT devices include smart home, personal devices, industrial and medical devices

The universe of connected devices — both consumer, industrial and medical will generate 79.4 zettabytes of data by 2025. From now until 2025, data growth will be 28.7% annually (CAGR), and growth of video surveillance data, now that everyone will have multiple cameras, is expected to be 60% annually. ZDNet

dis-rup-shun: First of all, what is a zettabyte of data? It is 1 trillion gigabytes, if that helps. It is a lot of data and will continue to grow rapidly as that data must be replicated, manipulated and translated to have meaning to both users as well as manufacturers of things and advertisers. What are the implications? Invest in storage and data analytics tools, storage, and services, such as cloud services, as these industries have a bullet proof future.

‘Normal’ looking eyeglasses that display data to the wearer

Focals by North are stylish prescription glasses that feature a heads up display on the inside so that you can see messages, appointments and streaming data without anyone knowing. The glasses are controlled by a joystick that looks like a ring on your finger. TechCrunch

dis-rup-shun: As soon as you deliver a rousing presentation in front of an audience without ever looking at notes or slides, you will be sold on Focals. Receiving directions while driving without looking at your phone or dashboard will be safer and easier. Imagine working a crowd and calling people by name, thanks to the facial recognition computing performed by your 5G connected eyeglasses.

Stop gaming and use your iPad to learn to play piano

Lumi is a new miniature keyboard device that uses lights and colors in conjunction with an iPad to teach people to play the piano (or the digital keyboard). For $249, one receives an app and a keyboard. TechCrunch

dis-rup-shun: Music lessons are less prevalent for today’s youth than in prior, despite higher incomes and more technology. Making instruments that are extensions of personal technologies will further engage the attention deficit generation and will keep in circulation traditional instruments, or the current versions thereof. Using technology to increase the number of people who perform music is an under pursued opportunity.

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