Space flourishes on 50th anniversary

Space travel flourishes on 50th anniversary of Apollo 11

On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the first moon walk, entrepreneurs are lining up to play roles in space travel, satellite delivery and space tourism. Yahoo Finance’s Adam Shapiro stated that 11 American space companies have secured $45 million in contracts from NASA.  Those companies include SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Boeing which all aim to develop reusable systems to ferry people to the moon and back.

dis-rup-shun: As often written here, space and 5G are the new arenas for gaining technological and military leadership. Private entrepreneurs understand that world governments have large budgets for both communications infrastructures and defense systems, both which are expanding to space in the form of satellites and/or base stations on the moon.

More than 100 million have provided their faces and names to Russians

Many people have had fun with the viral FaceApp app this week, uploading a face image and choosing what age they wish to look. It works with amazing detail. Fear has followed as the app is developed by a company in Russia who now has over 100 million faces and names. Forbes

dis-rup-shun: People are just having fun, and many software companies are located in Russia and other countries that are home to troublemakers. On the other hand, the app’s user agreement does give the creators a perpetual license to use your likeness and gains access to all of your photos. Privacy is problem on the Internet and new legislation to develop standards that better inform all of us who will not read user agreements is a first step.

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