Telemedicine as good as live

Telemedicine visits seen as effective as in-person

Telemedicine and remote doctor visits are particularly valuable in rural communities, where access to certain highly skilled providers is limited. In this free whitepaper, a recent study of patients at Mercy Children’s Hospital network determined that for children with Asthma, telemedicine visits proved as effective as in-person visits. TechRepublic

dis-rup-shun: Telemedicine will keep many rural hospitals in business despite their lack of diverse specialists at the local hospital. It is exciting to see telehealth working, providing people with quick, local access to care even if provided locally with the help of a distant specialist. The industry urgently needs more clinical data to confirm the success of telehealth and more case studies are needed to accelerate the new care models that will dominate our society in a few short years. Connecting to care specialist remotely will become the norm for people living in large cities as well as rural areas, a shift that will improve the economics and slow the rising costs of care while providing better experiences for patients.

Microsoft beats Amazon for Pentagon cloud contract

The JEDI contract, short for Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, is a Department of Defensive initiate potentially worth $10 billion over ten years. The initiative is a significant computing upgrade for Defense, moving military operations to the latest cloud technology. Market leader AWS lost the deal to Microsoft’s Azure service. Some state that the decision was influenced by President Trump’s bumpy relationship with Jeff Bezos, who also owns the Washington Post, a newspaper known for criticism of the President. CNBC

dis-rup-shun: Microsoft is on a strong run, with a number of victories for CEO Nadella and team. Amazon’s own success has fueled a number of Microsoft’s wins, most notably a significant cloud contract from Walmart, Amazon’s arch rival, and FedEx, two competitors to Amazon. Once considered an ‘evil empire’ for its dominance over the personal computing industry, Microsoft is now viewed as a humble, highly competent player, with Google, Facebook, Amazon and even Apple seen as the controversial bullies of BigTech.

Samsung’s modular TVs fit custom sizes and spaces

In its sponsored video series on new technologies, BestBuy with Gizmodo explains what is a modular TV and why it is unique. Modular TVs are bezel-less 8K TVs that can be fashioned into different sizes according to spaces and custom requirements.

dis-rup-shun: TVs in homes and, of course, in digital signage applications are about to get much more interesting, with entire TV walls replacing big TVs hanging in prominent places. As odd shaped panels appear in interesting spaces, new applications will arise to curate video content, which will remain in a letterbox format, to intermix TV and movie content with video content to fill in the gaps. Consumers will design the content layout of video walls, overlaying a rectangular NFL game over a virtual aquarium, for example. Control applications will turn consumers into video program directors, making playing with big screens that much more fun.

NASA building new rover to find water on the Moon

The VIPER rover is a small vehicle that will explore the dark south pole of the Moon where the presence of ice crystals has been confirmed in prior explorations. The VIPER will drill samples in the Moon’s surface when sensors determine it is near water. The craft is scheduled to begin work in 2022 and will be conveyed to the Moon by one of the commercial space companies vying for NASA contracts. TechCrunch

dis-rup-shun: Plans for locating, drilling, pumping, storing and maybe even purifying Lunar water has implications for many industries. Who will be the water utility for the Moon? A cadre of contractors will be required to help NASA get into the water business, and consortia consisting of aerospace companies along with hydro engineering companies, pipe and pump companies will all compete for future contracts. New interest in the Moon and space will direct millions of dollars to space technology companies.

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