Wellness for home integrator business

Wellness is the next opportunity for home integrators

Custom home integrators are, generally speaking, service providers who offer a number of services including home theater installation, home security system installation, and often a number of other services. CEPro, in a free whitepaper, makes a case for adding wellness services to the integrator’s lines of business, including specifically, circadian lighting, indoor air purification, and water purification.

dis-rup-shun: One of the challenges faced by smart home companies is finding the right channel. Retail is okay for hot products but not for systems requiring some level of customization. Integrators that offer home security and home theater systems and installation have been lamenting the rising popularity of DIY products as limits to their future growth. CEPro has, for some years now, showcased for integrators the growing revenue possibilities available by offering smart products in growth areas. This whitepaper also offers specific examples of integrators who have succeeded with these new lines of business.

Smart bike provides security, navigation and control

Angell’s smart bicycle, designed in France, is electric, providing optional power assistance. What’s more, the bike can be located through an app in case it is lost or stolen, and it helps navigate by offering directions on its integrated handlebar display, complete with haptic feedback when you approach your next turn, and, of course, it can display your speed and distance. TechCrunch

dis-rup-shun: This bike is built for those geographies in which many commuters use bikes daily, but these features will soon be standard in most city touring bikes. Finding a lost bike, as well as integrated screens and navigation are basic functions in today’s connected world and can be considered the “power windows” of bicycles — that is, basic accessories that you will soon expect on most all bikes.

Facebook launches new safety tools for advertisers

Facebook is offering new ways for advertisers to control where their ads appear. These tools enable advertisers to block their ads from appearing on certain sites or types of sites. These changes are results of larger calls on Facebook to monitor the authenticity of the content and ads it displays, aftermaths of the 2016 presidential election. CNBC

dis-rup-shun: Both advertisers and consumers should have a dashboard to easily enable control of where content — paid advertisement content, or personal data is displayed and stored. A universal dashboard — separate for consumers and advertisers, would address rising concerns of privacy. Such a sweeping measure would require substantial regulation even more stringent than Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but would help contain rising suspicion of data and content usage.

Iranians without Internet for four day and counting

After protests over fuel prices in Iran turned violent, president Rouhani has pulled the plug on the Internet. Gizmodo

dis-rup-shun: How can a modern economy possibly function without the Internet? Street markets, food stores, many services and government entities could continue to function, but online commerce, directory services, ride sharing services, music and video services, and organizations that use the Internet to publish schedules and sell tickets, among many others, are shut down. If the Iranian president thinks people were upset about fuel prices, just wait until they react over loss of the Internet.

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