Working from home? Upgrade your Wi-Fi

Upgrading home Wi-Fi now that you are WFH

Millions of people have been barred from the office and are not working from home. With home Wi-Fi now critical to both work and play, there are some easy ways to improve the reliability. Replace your cable or telco router, relocate your router, add a Wi-Fi signal booster, use power line networking to transmit data over through your  electrical outlets, or try using a wired network. Wired

dis-rup-shun: Networking equipment products should be enjoying a significant sales increase as the nation and world retreat to home offices and strive to maintain a semi-normal routine. Corporations will quickly learn that businesses, for the most part, will run quite smoothly with remote workers. The current pandemic may ultimately reduce demand for office space as corporations realize that the work force can be highly productive without the added costs of offices.

Xbox Live service goes down on Sunday

Xbox Live’s service was out for two hours on Sunday. The company has not yet reported if the outage was the result of heavy usage, but it was restored by Sunday evening. The Verge

dis-rup-shun: It’s Spring Break and the ski resorts are closed, air travel is discouraged and everyone is encouraged to stay home… and play games. The Internet providers will be tested in the next weeks as people connect virtually and play games, stream movies, and video conference while working from home. Computer peripherals and accessories, including printer cartridges and paper will be hot quarantine items.

Everbridge emergency management software surges with the pandemic

Everbridge, a public company based outside of Boston, was founded after 9/11 to help companies monitor, manage and communicate in a disaster. The company’s software has been important in tracking coronavirus outbreaks and enabling companies to communicate with employees and customers. The company recently signed a $25 million, 5 year contract with the state of California. The company’s shares are trading at 17 times earnings, well above its average of 11 times. CNBC

dis-rup-shun: As the world braces for economic crisis, finding the winners during bad times will be interesting. Everbridge has a good business model, as natural disasters are a given, and are predicted to be coming more frequently thanks to climate change.

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