Tinder’s online dating usage is up

Match’s Tinder sees increase in online dating

Led by the company’s Tinder division, Match is seeing an uptick of 17% from last year. The increase is fueled by women under 30 who have increased messaging traffic on the platform. Dallas Morning News

dis-rup-shun: Being alone at home provides a great deal more time to explore interests, including finding someone to see once you can see people. Pre-Coronavirus statistics showed that the online generation was not dating or having sex as much as older generations — satisfying their interests with other online adventures. Statistics in one to three years will reveal if the current generation of young and single people are in general, more satisfied with dating online than in person.

Smartwatch shipments up 20% in Q1

Consumers wanted more smartwatches in the first quarter, and Apple’s share is 55%, followed by Samsung at 15% and Garmin in third place. The increase is thought to be driven by people wanting to monitor their health during the lockdown. TechCrunch

dis-rup-shun: Fitness is one preoccupation of people with time on their hands, and walkers are jamming the streets all over the world. Given the lockdown did not impact most consumers until late in Q1, the sales statistics cause one to contemplate if buying a smartwatch was a pent up demand that was satisfied as people increased fitness activities in lieu of social activities in the second half of March.

Mobile handset manufacturing resumes in India

The world’s second largest smartphone market, India, will allow handset manufacturers to gradually resume manufacturing this month. China’s Xiaomi is India’s largest phone supplier. The supply chain had completely shut down, leading to zero phone production last month. TechCrunch

dis-rup-shun: The global supply chain for smartphones has sputtered, stopped, and now has resumed in China and India. Will consumers, later this year, be faced with shortages as a result of certain components not meeting demand, or will the current trend to hold on to handsets longer lead to a more permanent, general slowdown in smartphone consumption — a factor critical to the health of the tech sector?

Robot deployed in Singapore parks to encourage social distancing

Spot, the cheetah-looking robot designed by Boston Dynamics, is roaming Singapore’s principal park this weekend to remind visitors to keep their distance from their neighbors, playing pre-recorded messages. TechCrunch

dis-rup-shun: A pandemic is a perfect time to test robots and drones, as the public’s acceptance of both is much higher than normal. Safe delivery of products is a logical application. But what about replacing much of urban police forces with robots with cameras that roam public areas to enforce ordinances? Will consumers, who can’t be identified with anything other than facial recognition, heed the commands of a machine? We are about to find out as robots are increasingly deployed in public places. Expect the presence of a machine with cameras to lower the crime rate in certain public areas.


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