NYC sets guidelines for sex and dating

NYC sets policies for sex and dating during coronavirus

NYC’s Department of Health has issued guidelines for sex during coranavirus that states “You are your safest sex partner.” Online dating through dating websites has skyrocketed, and Zoom and FaceTime dates have become a common practice. With no messy logistics and complications of finding a place to meet and splitting the bill, some daters are booking up to four dates per evening. CNBC

dis-rup-shun: With the expense of an evening out and the uncertainties of what physical interaction will occur, using online apps to vet a potential partner will likely become a permanent part of the matchmaking process. In-person meetings may occur only after multiple online meetings, potentially changing the revenue model for online dating services.

Privatized U.S. space travel starts tomorrow

If the weather holds tomorrow, NASA will send the first astronaut from U.S. soil in nine years to space, in preparation for a trip to the International Space Station aboard a SpaceX rocket, contracted by NASA. The event will be broadcast live via NASA’s and SpaceX’s websites. SpaceX

dis-rup-shun: NASA 2.0 is completely dependent on contractors who have essentially taken over all of the aspects of launch, mission control, and recovery. The U.S. government is putting its complete trust in private enterprise, demonstrating capitalism and semi-open competition at the very heart of national security and innovation. Let’s hope this experiment goes well.

Now, are you interested in VR to be more social?

Virtual Reality, or VR, has had many fits and starts, but limited consumer enthusiasm beyond gamers. XRSpace, a VR company from a founder of HTC, has announced its VR headset platform, available for $599 in a WiFi version. XRSpace is making the VR experience more social, so that users can meet up with avatars of their friends, and together attend events such as basketball games. CNET

dis-rup-shun: Has our societal structure really changed such that we will spend more time socializing from home? We now have the tools to engage far more with others without leaving home, and this may well have a permanent impact on sports, concerts, bars, and airlines, as we find from home engagement to be far more fulfilling, thanks to network-based technologies.

The new, remote Silicon Valley

Facebook expects that 50% of its employees will work remotely over the next decade. Accordingly, salaries will be adjusted based upon one’s home work location. Companies like Facebook that are creating remote work and chat tools will increasingly build upon distributed work forces. CNBC

dis-rup-shun: Those who live and visit Silicon Valley frequently will be relieved that the area could receive relief from overcrowding, shortage of affordable housing, and a very tight workforce supply. Remote working could enable some normalcy as well as relieve the mounting demand for higher wages to area workers — potentially boosting productivity while lowering average wages paid.

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