States consider break up of Google’s ad business

Attorney’s general consider breakup of Google’s ad business

Google’s ad business makes up the majority of its $161 billion in revenues. 50 state attorneys general are concluding that Google’s practice of bundling ad tools, along with its ownership of YouTube and Gmail, are anti-competitive. The Department of Justice is separately investigating Google and may combine its investigation with that of the states. CNBC

dis-rup-shun: Like AT&T of old, great efficiencies have been created by the dominant service provider, and only government intervention can disrupt the ad machine created by Google. The U.S. government’s line in the sand is heavily influenced by political winds, and with the large issues of a pandemic, racial injustices and a sputtering economy, will Google escape the dismantling that some have predicted?

Apple adds features that make iPad a PC

Apple has quietly added a number of useful features into the latest iPhones and iPads. Features include better iMessage search, voice search, volume control, optimized battery charging, and more. One significant feature is the ability to pair a Bluetooth mouse to an iPad. CNET

dis-rup-shun: An interesting change has been occurring, with many people abandoning a laptop PC or MacBook as their primary personal computer, and using the ever more powerful iPad as their primary personal computing device. With the addition of a keyboard, this has made basic computer usage pleasant for many, however using spreadsheets and other mouse intensive applications (CAD hobby programs) has remained frustrating. Now, with the ability to use a mouse with an iPad, a full laptop is even less necessary.

Ready for an e-bike?

Cowboy is an e-bike maker that has released its second generation bike that has better gear ratios (making stop start riding in traffic even easier), has a removable battery, and updated software. The control app enables you to unlock the bike as you approach (for quick getaways), provides theft detection technology, and crash detection technology that calls for help if you wreck. TechCrunch

dis-rup-shun: Electric assisted bikes currently cost over $2000 and are made by only a handful of companies, but expect the technology to become standard across most brands in the their mid- and upper- level models. Prices will fall as the technology becomes widespread, and selection of the bikes will depend, in large part, on the quality of their app in addition to features and craftsmanship.

A guide to the best monitors under $200

CNETreviews a number of leading monitors for under $200. Suggested brands include BenQ, LG, Dell, and the Auzai portable. Except for hard core gaming applications, these models will provide strong additions to a home office and, in some cases, decent built-in speakers. The Auzai portable works well for people in small spaces or who need to move their monitor frequently.

dis-rup-shun: If you haven’t been working with an external monitor, you don’t know what you are missing, as the extra screen space seems to increase productivity and simplify multi-tasking.

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