Everything you need to know about Apple’s announcements

Monday was the big keynote at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference

Here is the summary of all the new offerings, thanks to Wired:

iOS 13 for the iPhone:

  • The background is now all black for a more modern look
  • Music player shows the lyrics to your songs
  • Maps will notify your friends of your ETA (no more fibbing about being almost there)
  • A new keyboard “Quick Path” enables you to choose words rather than type them
  • Sign in to third party apps using your Apple ID without sharing your data and contacts, as you do with Google or Facebook sign ins

dis-rup-shun: Apple is playing catch up to Android’s, and particularly Samsung Galaxy’s feature gains with software, given that the next advance in camera features will not be released for four months. Apple has taken the good guy posture on data sharing — taking advantage of consumer backlash against Facebook and Google’s “know all” policies.

Apple Watch

  • A separate app store for Watch provides more app options
  • More health tracking
  • More audio capabilities


  • Impressive metal radiator-looking industrial design and even sharper monitor
  • Intel Xeon processor and heavy duty graphics card capable of 12 simultaneous, 4K video streams
  • $11,000 price tag for this professional grade device

 MacOS for laptops and desktops

  • A “sidecar” app enables an iPad to be an extension of the laptop/desktop
  • Project Catalyst is for developers — making it simple for one app code base to run on pads or desktop

iPad OS

  • A number of enhancements make the iPad behave more like a PC

dis-rup-shun: Apple is tired of losing tablet buyers to Microsoft’s surface — the Surface has become an effective back path to lead iPad users back to Windows.


  • More human voice
  • Ability to voice control third party apps such as Pandora and Waze

dis-rup-shun: Apple is tired of watching Alexa spread like wildfire and threaten CarPlay’s dominance on the dashboard.


  • The ability for multiple wearers to listen to the same audio source


  • Content is now separated into an app for video, an app for music, and an app for podcasts

Memoji¬†(not to be confused with iPhone X’s Animoji)

  • Emojis are more detailed and lifelike

dis-rup-shun: Animojis are so realistic they are creepy and will entertain users for hours. Memojis spread the fascination to older iPhones.

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